29 January 2014

Marketing Strategy

This morning on my way to work, suddenly I just realize that a marketing strategy cannot be applied to all type of business.That is why there are lots of marketing strategy. Even it is the same line or area of business,it wont be the same application of marketing strategy method.
A very important thing a business owner must know is knowing own product very well and types of nearest high end prospects. First customer will be the one who is nearest to you does not matter if they are really want to consume,trying poducts or just to support a neighbour ;)
As all of us know, they are many characters of people. Ways of communication also is very important to convey message as to reach them correctly.
Alhamdulillah, as for muslemes, as what we've thought by our beloved prophet Muhammad S.A.W, smiles,humble and soft spoken is the best and most succesfull in communications,does not matter in any mode of emotions. Never failed!
May this sharing brings worth to all of us. All the goods are from Allah and the bads are from me definitely.

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